The aim of this Disability Awareness Course is to increase the employees (workforce) understanding of inclusion and diversity in the workplace. The course will look at the different types of disabilities visual and nonvisual and how we can become more aware and accommodate our work force. The course will include practical activities of what some disabilities may feel like.


Anyone and everyone This is introductory level training, suitable for all employees, and can be part of your Workplace Wellbeing or Equality and Diversity Scheme.


  • Understand the rights for disable people and how the law protects them
  • Equal opportunities
  • Demonstrate an active part of work place inclusion
  • Tips on improving the workplace
  • Equality in the workplace
  • Terminology used in the workplace
  • How to remove the barriers in the workplace for people with disabilities.
  • Your mental health

Method of Delivery: Theory and Practical based training

Assessment: Tutor assessed delivered by a Qualified Instructor (NFQ Level 6)

Certification: CPD Certification Disability Awareness in the work place  

Cost: Call the training centre direct for cost | Tel: 071-9146768

The Disability Awareness Support Scheme provides a maximum of €20,000 funding for private sector employers to arrange and pay for disability awareness training for staff.

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