The aim of this Infection Prevention and Control Training is to assist learners in gaining a thorough understanding of Infection Prevention and Control, giving them a firm foundation of knowledge and gain a solid understanding of infection prevention and control or get an idea about infection awareness & reducing infection spread, then take a step in the right direction with this Infection Prevention and Control Training course.


Anyone but especially anyone working in the Healthcare sector or providing homecare.


  • Learn the basics of infection prevention and control
  • Understand your duties in the field of infection prevention and control (hand washing, Hand sanitising)
  • A comprehensive discussion on Infection Prevention and Control and the importance of a healthy environment
  • Knowledge of the terms cleaning and disinfecting
  • Familiarize with the best practices of controlling infection
  • Examine the role of antibiotics and the importance of safe antibiotic use
  • Identify different infections spread by food, water, animals, insects, blood, body fluids, person-to-person contact

Duration: 4 hours

Method of Delivery: Theory and Practical based training

Assessment: Tutor assessed delivered by a Qualified Instructor (NFQ Level 6)

Certification: GSW Solutions Certification Infection, Prevention & Control

 Cost €50

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